4 Catches to Look for in Free Sexting Services

4 Catches to Look for in Free Sexting Services

Free sexting services can seem like a great deal. After all, it’s an easy way to get in touch with like-minded individuals for some NSA fun, and if it doesn’t cost a dime, that’s even better, right? That may not be true. If you’re looking through free sexting sites and trying to figure out what the catch is before you sign up, be on the lookout for the things covered here.

1) Surprise Fees

More than one popular site tries to hook you with a free membership option. While the “membership” may not cost you anything, they almost always ask you for a credit card or do a bait-and-switch. Membership costs nothing, but if you actually want to sext with someone, you’ll be paying a certain amount of “credits” per message. And, you pay whether or not you get a return message, and regardless of whether the woman says anything even remotely sexual to you. A single non-sexual set of texts can easily set you back $10-15. Of course, this is all done in credits, and they’re “kind” enough to set you up with a few free credits to get you started. If you can’t tell how the site is making money (look for paid memberships or ads), they may be running a scam.
Warning Signs: Credit cards required at registration, a credit system, multiple tiers of membership, no clear way the site earns money.

2) Deceptive Fronts

If you’ve done the search, you know which one we mean, so we’re not going to drop names, but one particular company that claims to cater to people looking for free sexting with locals isn’t even a sexting site at all. It stacked the deck so it ranks well in Google. It gives a legit air by providing testimonials and such on its home page, then asks you a series of questions, like “Do you agree to keep the identity of these women secret?” Guess what? It doesn’t matter what you say to any of those questions because everything you answer funnels you to a porn site, with options to sign up for paid memberships. Oh, and if you give them a credit card to “prove you’re old enough to use the service,” you can expect to be billed as well.
Warning Signs: Too-good-to-be-true claims, website redirects, big promises.

3) Difficult Cancellations

No matter what site you’re on or how legit it seems, always read the cancellation policy. At the Sext Club, we have made cancelling incredibly easy- just cancel your plan and it doesn’t renew, but not all companies operate this way. They may make you jump through a series of hoops and often offer no direct form of communication with anyone at the company to sort out issues. To be clear, we have a dedicated support email address for all our members to reach us directly at, and a real English-speaking human answers all concerns. That level of service should be available from every company, but sadly, it is not.
Warning Signs: Unclear or difficult cancellation policy, bad reviews online.

4) Fake Profiles

While some sites use fake profiles to get the ball rolling and make it look busier than it is, others have more nefarious intentions. They use their bot accounts and fake women to message people, so that those people pay for a membership just to see the fake messages. Ultimately, there are no real women there, and the guys bail, but not before forking over cash for their initial membership.
Warning Signs: Messages from women before your profile is complete, messages from several women right after signing up, the use of stock photos.

Avoid Free Sexting Scams; Join the Sext Club

We’re intentionally transparent about what we offer here because we know that the adult industry is full of frauds and fakes, and you deserve better. While our service is a paid service, we guarantee you’ll receive two nude photos a day and one ultra-hot video sext a week, featuring our very own sexy models and a personalized sext message. There are no hidden fees. No surprise upgrades. No trouble cancelling. We want to keep you as happy as possible and keep you coming back for more. We believe the best way to do that is to be honest and up front about the service we provide, and to be incredibly generous with the sexts you receive. To find out what you’ve been missing out on, register for a Sext Club membership and start receiving personalized dirty texts today.

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