Sext Club Tips: How to Initiate
Dirty Texts Like a Pro

How to Initiate Dirty Texts Like a Pro

Let’s be realistic. If you’re a guy, it isn’t going to take much at all to get you to send someone dirty texts. All she has to do is show a little interest, and you’re pretty much game for whatever. But, it almost never happens that way. More than likely, you’re staring at your phone right now, trying to figure out just how to get a certain someone to start sending dirty texts to you.

Get Your Geek on and Know the Stats

Remember how “the Naked Man” worked on “How I Met Your Mother?” Supposedly, all a guy had to do was strip down and he was guaranteed to get laid two out of three times. Sexting does not work that way. If you jump the gun, you’re probably getting disconnected, and may even wind up with a virtual slap across the face, so get to know your audience before proceeding.

Fewer than half of all women have sent dirty texts. According to data gathered by McAfee and reprinted by Scientific American, 61% of guys do it, but only 48% of women have. Of those women, 77% sext significant others and just 17% will sext with a stranger. So, if you aren’t in a relationship with the lady on the other end of the line, she has to be in the slim minority and you have to bring your A game. If you are in a relationship with her, your odds are better, but you still need to be tactful and seductive if you haven’t initiated dirty texts before.

Always Warm Her Up to the Idea of Dirty Texts First

One mistake that a lot of guys make is thinking that the girl is right there with them in terms of level of arousal and interest. But, just like women need to be warmed up in real-life encounters, they need to be led into sexting as well, and sending the proverbial dick pic isn’t going to cut it. You’ll need to pull her into it gently, as part of the natural flow of conversation.

Technique 1: Turn Everything into Something Naughty

If your imagination is running a little wild, share some of that with her, but just in little clips and phrases. A mundane discussion about the grocery store can be twisted to talk of whipped cream or produce. Talk about sleep or being in bed can turn into a chat about illicit dreams. Get a feel for your conversation and see where you can take it. If she misses your innuendo, keep at it or move to another tactic.

Technique 2: Flatter Her

Sending nudes takes a lot of courage and few women have the confidence to do it. By bolstering her confidence in advance, you just might be able to get a risqué pic that shows off some or all of her best features. You can start off gently, by complimenting something non-sexual, like her eyes or her hair. If you’ve already moved past that with her, don’t be afraid to tell her how her skirt showed off the shape of her cute ass last time you saw her or that you caught sight of a corner of her sexy bra strap last time and you couldn’t help but wonder what type of lingerie she likes. Remember, you’re planting the seeds of seduction, so move slowly and gently.

Technique 3: Make Her the Aggressor

If you think your woman has a wild streak or a high sex drive, make her out to be the aggressor. If you’re planning to meet for drinks, joke about how she’s trying to get you drunk and take advantage of you or use technique #1 and make it sound like she’s already talking dirty to you. If you play your cards right, she’ll fall right into sexting. If she’s not up for it yet, you’ll probably make her laugh, and that’ll increase her comfort level with you, which may help your case as well.

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