3 Simple Ways to Play Safe on Sexting Sites

3 Simple Ways to Play Safe on Sexting Sites

As you visit various sexting sites, you’re certain to notice that they’re not all created equally. That’s ok; we all have different preferences and everyone should have a place they feel comfortable getting their groove on. The one thing we can all agree on, though, is that the sex industry can sometimes bite, and not in a good way. Whether your primary concerns are protecting your identity or not being taken for a ride (unless it’s the pleasurable kind), be sure to implement these three tips when you visit sexting sites, so you can keep it fun.

1) Verify the Other Person’s Age

Obviously, you don’t want to be mixed up with minors and most people go out of their way to avoid any potential issues, but the sad truth is that there are many scams that involve trapping participants and attempting to extort money. Most of these occur on hookup, dating, or general sexting sites, where you’re supposed to be connected with others for free-flowing conversation, but when it moves over to text, it takes an ugly turn. In one popular scheme, a “parent” later calls the victim and tells him he’s been messaging a minor, then demands money. While these are bogus, many people pay up because they’re afraid they’ll get in legal trouble. So, for your own sake, make sure you ask for an age before you converse with someone. (FYI, all our models are 18+, so you’re always in the clear!)

2) Make Sure You Know What You’re Signing Up For

Many sexting sites, even those that let you get a direct connection with a porn star, make no guarantees. Not too long ago, Men’s Health covered the story of a man who dropped $100 to be told “maybe I’ll see you at a convention sometime” via text by one starlet. Unless you read the fine print or the site’s terms, it’s not always easy to tell if you’re guaranteed to get messages back or if there will be hidden costs. This is one of the reasons why we’re so transparent at the Sext Club; we want you to know exactly what you’re signing up for and enjoy the content so much that you’re happy to remain a member- perhaps even for life! Our simple terms give you a flat rate with no add-ons and a guaranteed number of hot sexts daily.

3) Don’t Give Personally-Identifiable Information to Another Person

While sexting sites generally have safety protocols in place to keep your information secure (we sure do), you never know what that person on the other end of the line is going to do unless they’re bound by a confidentially agreement. This is the kind of thing that gets politicians and other notables in trouble because they get wrapped up in fantasy with people who are under no obligation to keep silent. If the sexting site you’re using is connecting you with anyone off the street, be sure that your photos and words cannot identify you in real life.

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At the Sext Club, we know that your safety and privacy are important, and you shouldn’t have to put either in jeopardy for a little fun. If you’re looking for some NSA adult entertainment to spice up your day, become a member now.

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